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What is the cheapest product that you could ever use and use as much as you would like without breaking your pockets, while still being the most beneficial product?  What is it you ask???? You guessed it, Water!  This has been a debate whether water really promotes hair growth. I don’t know the correct answer but for me on my natural journey, I would have to say absolutely,  WATER really played a significant role in my hair growth. Not only the growth, but drinking water gave my hair a natural silky shine.  I can feel that my hair strands are healthier, they were hydrated and not brittle which eliminates breakage. Now the magically question is how much water should we consume, not sure if there is a correct answer for this one either, however some studies suggest 8 to 10 glasses and others suggest half your body weight.  I decided not to go by the norm but to listen to my body, for me some key signs that I was retaining enough water was, the color of my urine, dry skin, dry mouth, or headaches. I use these key signs to see if I am consuming an adequate amount of water, and why not consume water, our body is made up of mostly water anyway.


Healthy Diet
A healthy diet, I do believe that having a balanced diet determines how our hair is flourishing. I believe the old saying that states, “You are what eat”.  Personally, I noticed that changing my diet had a huge impact on my hair and my overall health. Now I am not saying that your hair won’t grow if you have a poor diet but I do believe that if you have a healthy diet you will see better results with your hair, I know because I did.  During my weight loss journey, I started to incorporate more fish (mostly salmon) into my diet and I really noticed a difference in my hair. My hair had a brighter shine, I didn’t have to oil my scalp more often.  Now I am not an expert on the best foods for our hair, but I know having some good eating habits will help!

Vitamin Supplements
A simple multivitamin can do the trick in giving you those added nutrients to promote a healthy scalp which can promote healthy strong hair strands. These multivitamins could be any supplement that includes vitamins A, B, C, and E, I am currently taking a women’s vitamin that has these vitamins and more included in them. I hear that biotin is really good for healthier hair, however I have not tried biotin. In the future, I would love to try Biotin to see what all the hype is about and see if my hair grows stronger and longer. 


Stress, stress, stress, I do believe stress is not healthy at all when trying to retain length. I am glad for my psychology background, I would have never known that stress alone could cause such a chemical imbalance. Yes stress, so that balding that you might experience may encounter could be related to stress. Stress can impact a number of things in our body so who’s to say it can’t disrupt your hair growth cycle. Not sure if this has been proven nor tested but why not eliminate stress anyway, it could not only help with your hair journey but with you overall health as well. I won’t start going over my entire findings, just do some research and see how stressing can alter your body’s chemical balance. I added rest with stress because how can you truly rest if you’re stressed. It is important to get an adequate amount of rest during your journey. Remember your mom or dad telling you, you grow while you’re sleep… well it is true you do and maybe your hair grows as well. The lack of sleep can prevent your hair from growing to its full potential.


I have discussed things that contributed to my hair growth on my journey, water consumption, healthy diet and vitamin supplements. Many ideas that I incorporated in my natural journey were found by doing simple research. I can’t express this enough, what works for me may not work for you, always do your research and try out new things to see if they work and if not, move on to the next thing. There are so many old and new practices that have helped many people on their journey’s but remember no one’s journey is the same, take bits and pieces of your findings to make it your own journey.

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