"No Tears" Hair Care for Tender Heads

No Pain, No Fuss, No Tears
I get so many questions on how can I style my child’s hair, he or she is tendered headed, I have a video  TnC - 60 on my YouTube channel of tips and tricks......check it out! I always tell moms to have patience and go at their pace. There are several stylist that want no part of styling a child’s hair under 13 years old, but I enjoy helping them over come their fear of the CHAIR! I call this progressive styling because over time we will progress into something new each time, maybe introducing parting with a comb; some don’t enjoy that, it’s all a process and the goal in the end is to progress into styles that they enjoy and their mom’s/dad’s enjoy too “progressive styling”​
Here is what I DO, doing a child’s hair for the first time I go at their pace with a light hand, she came shampooed and conditioned from mom! She doesn’t like the heat nor the tugging from the blow dryer so this ‘RevAir’ dryer was perfect, I was able to blow dry her hair with no problem at all (see video below).


Now when it’s time for style, I used a “fire kids tablet” to keep them entertained, I also have squishy toys. The cool thing about squishy toys is, it allows the kids a distraction...  something to fidget with while getting there hair styled. During the process especially for the first time I don’t force it, we made it through a session of blow drying with no fuss so I am just going to see what she likes and doesn’t like during her first session and go from there. 


It’s a process, I had several styles in my head that I wanted to do........just look at all that beautiful hair, going at her pace is best because now she’ll come back and it will get easier and easier; then you’ll have less fuss each time. Now, this is what I do; I don’t believe in tears and stressing a child out, it’s just hair! If they are content with just ponytails or an Afro then just do that. Don’t stress a child out in a salon chair, this experience should be fun and they will get there. I have little kids that started this same way that will come in and hop in my chair with no fuss now! JUST BE PATIENT!!!

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