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   We learned early on that visual aids and a detailed schedule worked best with our son to minimize behavioral problems and helped to eliminate feelings of becoming overwhelmed. All kids can benefit from having a schedule and reminders but especially children that have sensory issues or are on the spectrum. These tools have really helped us a lot to transition my son into being more independent without meltdowns. In the past, we used Visual cards to prompt certain behaviors in order to establish a schedule and routine.


When we transition with anything in our home, we do it as a family. We all utilize visual schedules, its even helpful with my husband and I keeping our schedules aligned so we are in sync. You know what I mean if you married with kids, those appointments, actives and our daily task can overlap at time. The visual schedules keep us all on track.


One tip I have for you when creating visual schedules or routine is to make the task realistic based on age group or even your child’s development. Meaning don’t have them washing clothes at three years old, that is not age appropriate but matching sock is. I had my son matching socks at the age of three, he loves to organize things together so this task was perfect for him at the time. It is definitely okay to challenge new task as they master one task. Again this is what works for my family and I, I wanted to simply share after many of you reached out regarding my Instagram post, if your not following me please click the link and join the #CoilyGang and share tips and tricks that have worked for you and your family.


Thanks for taking the time to read, and all links for items purchased are included above or below and as always have a blessed day #CoilyGang!



This is our study bored, we tried the traditional study cards but I decided to be a little eco-friendly. I purchased a poster board, study cards, and dry eraser tape; put them together for everyday use. We love being able to recycle our board just wipe it off for the next use and go.

Daily schedules!  We no longer use this on my daughter, we have transitioned to electronic. Now my daughter has her schedule in her phone to keep her on task but this still works for my son, he has a clock in his room next to his daily schedule to keep him on track.

Yes! We have one too, this is a great way to keep my husband in the loop of things and I am aware of his schedule as well so we can plan accordingly for upcoming activities! Just a simple calender with a peg board.

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