Shake and go does it again, another user-friendly install. Here is a little background on this hair, initially they had the 22” hair that was about $6.99 a pack click here to purchase the install was not as easy. The install still worked; however, with the new pre-loop hair you were now able to achieve this style in 2-3 hours vs. 5 to 6 hours……now who wouldn’t appreciate that no more tangles and knots trying to separate the hair. 


The new pre-loop allowed you to reduce the frizz and tangles, the hair came in 16”. The company has several colors, the hair has flexi-locs on a small little bundle to allowed faster install time. To install you simply slide the flexi-loc down and slide your fingers through to pull the hair through and tightened the flexi-loc, easy enough right. Those flexi -locs allow you to adjust the loop’s hole to your liking and adjust tight to secure the hair in place. There is definitely less frizz and tangles with this hair, seeing that there is no need to separate this hair, unless you desire. However, if you do decide to separate just pop that flexi-loc off and separate with ease. The hair separates without much frizz and tangles, just run your fingers down the hair before separating, make the sizes small as you want.


Now let me show you how we used this hair:

 Click here to purchase hair


Step 1: Create a foundation, we chose to do the invisible part and decided to leave those tails out of the foundation to refresh the invisible part when needed.



Step 2: Install hair, slide the flexi-loc down and use crochet hook to attach the hair



Step 3: Separate some of the bundles to install smaller pieces for the invisible part


Step 4: Install the small pieces on each braid for the invisibile part or edgeline and only slide on side through the loop 3-4 times and secure, trim if needed and add non alchololic mousse and the style is COMPLETE and guess WHAT??? "WE USED LESS THAN TWO PACKS OF HAIR IN THE COLOR 1b WITH THE PULL APART METHOD.

Would love to hear your feedback on this style! Which hair do you prefer, pay more for convenience or pay less and do a little more work to separate the hair?


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    Very nice

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