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Runme is my first fitness tracker, good start, good experience, and good price! Click here



I received my Runme and had it charged and working the same day. The fitness tracker does all as advertised and is really easy to get set up. It also came with a warranty which is good for those just in case situations. 


I love this fitness tracker, it is like a watch with simple operations for me to follow. The runme has a built-in USB for charging, no need for any cords which makes this very convenient! Oh, the battery life is amazing. I clean, cook, chase the kids and can monitor my steps, it pretty much keeps track of my body's state. The runme monitors my heart rate and sleep quality, the mindfulness setting helps you slow your breathing down, giving you cues to inhale and exhale. It really works, by no means is this to replace medical advice but it sure holds me accountable through my daily activities. 


The display screen is a good size and it is bright. I received a purple and a black band to change out for a different look. The runme accurately records my daily activities, steps, distance, and calories burned. Per the app, I am able to monitor my heart rate, sleep pattern, check the weather forecast and receive alerts from the phone using this app veryfitpro (app may vary depending on carrier).

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