Styling Tools

  • Detangling Tools
    • Fingers
    • Wide tooth comb
    • Rat-tail comb (for parting hair)
    • Afro Pick (lift those roots)
    • Brush (knock off denman brush - Conair)
  • Accessories 
    • Hair ties
    • Head bands
    • Flowers
    • Scarves
    • Scrunchies
    • Banana Clips
  • Hair curlers or manipulators
    • Rollers
    • Magnetic
    • Foam
    • Sponge
    • Culformers
    • Flexi-rods
    • Hair Lacers (my preference)
    • Perm Rods
    • Weave Thread
  • Clips 
    • Duck Clips
    • Butterfly Clamps
    • Metal Clips
    • Jaw Clips
    • Hair pins and/or bobby pins
  • Equipment
    •  Hood dryer (for deep conditioning)
    • Blow dryer
    • Flat iron/Hot comb
    • Sharp shears
  • Caps
    • Plastic Shower Caps
    • Satin bonnets 
  • Homemade product
    • Oil bottles with spout
    • Spray bottles
    • jars/storage containers (empty containers from used products)

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