I was born to proud parents Tommy and Brenda the youngest of three. I have two older loving sisters. We were born and raised in Decatur, Georgia. We grew up in the church as Christians and true believers of the living God.


As a child, I was taught to work hard to achieve the best out of life. I begin working at an early age, bagging groceries at the local Grocery Store and I continued throughout high school. In spite of my dislike for school I graduated from high school in 2001 and decided to pursue a higher education in which I received my Associates Degree. Still uncertain of the direction of my career path I decided to continue and received a Bachelors Degree.  I began working and decided to hold off on pursuing a Nursing Degree and settled for a Degree in Psychology. I really enjoy learning and exploring this field and working in other fields. Somehow I always found myself going back to my passion of doing hair; passions develop at a young age. I often watch my aunt do hair which I tried to replicate the styles on my dolls. As I got older the dolls became family members and friends.


Not following my dream I put my passion down again to pursue other opportunities.  I married my high school sweetheart and we immediately started a family. We were blessed with our princess first and then came our prince, now 4 and 2. Picking up my passion for hair was a must because I had a little girl with a head full of hair. This excited me and brought life back to my dream of doing hair. A life changing decision opened up my eyes to the possible opportunities for me to pursue my passions. My husband decided to take a position out of state so I became a stay at home mom. I was scared and excited all at the same time, unaware of my surroundings and missing my family however, I was able to manage. Keeping God first, my natural hair journey is what got me through. A year prior to our move my friends and I decided we were no longer relaxing our hair. Being a stay at home mom I had plenty of time to learn about my hair and express my creativity through hair. I started watching YouTube videos learning all the new techniques and trends pertaining to the natural hair world. By having more time on my hands I started doing hair for others and realized this is what I wanted to do. Every time I put hair down, I pick it back up so no longer will I continue to fight against this dream and passion “I am a hairstylist", I loves doing hair. Learning the dynamics of having healthy hair and a healthy body has been exciting. Not only did I start learning how to take care of hair, I also started taking care of my entire body. I truly believe healthy hair requires a healthy lifestyle. My entire household changed their eating style and added exercise to our daily routine. It was an adjustment, but we are now living a holistic lifestyle. That move to North Carolina was therapeutic for me. I learned to love God and myself even more as I am.


Once we made this transformation it was time to head back to Georgia. Excited and nervous all at the same time because things were going great I did not want the new changes implemented for my family to change due to the move. Nothing has changed here in Georgia things are going great, I continue to work and stay at home with the kids. Although wearing so many hats, it's always a challenge we continue to maintain. I was able to start pursuing my dreams of going to hair school to help develop my craft! We are still enjoying life and I have a team of people supportive of this dream. To my husband, kids, friends, and family thank you. This is just the beginning, I’m motivated to return and write the extension to my success story. Stay tuned....



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