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My last relaxer was on April 11. 2010, I decided to complete my full transformation on March 18, 2011 by cutting the remaining of my relaxed
ends off. It has been over two years and I am still going strong with my natural look. This has not been an easy journey however, I'm making progress,
still learning and loving my hair. This natural journey was very important to me because it symbolized a new me and a brand new view of my life.


This journey has taught me and inspired me to love myself for who I really am. Even if I want to rock a fro one day or twist it up the next my natural looks are representations of who I am and where I come from. The hair doesn't make you, you make the hair. Being confident is a state of mind and doesn't focus on your outer appearance but on your inner being. You are beautiful and unique in your own style or swag no matter what you're rocking on your glory dome.


Being natural means defying the norm of what a lady should look like and dealing with the stares of others who don't understand what this journey means. Also getting Corporate America to accept you for your “intellect” verses focusing more on your “Afro-centric” style. It gives me the ability to remain diverse. While breaking barriers and stereotypes I'm no longer intrigued by the standard, norm or tradition.


Because I create my journey to set my own standards and to please only God and myself. Eliminate fear and embrace change for your journey so you will be able to fulfill your natural hair goals and build the new you the real you!!!



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