During the Fall/Winter months, I experience my ends becoming brittle, but I have learned how to combat that with the LOC method. When I discovered this, the fall and winter became “easy”, I learned how to keep my hair from drying out and sealing in moisture. Fall and winter tip, my regimen is very similar, I just added a few more things:

  • Protective Styling, buns, mini twist (hair is hidden most of the winter)
  • Conditioning Conditioning Conditioning
  • LOC Method
    • Liquid – always water maybe a little aloe vera juice if needed
    • Oil – castor oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil, etc
    • Cream – shea butter mixtures, a cream based product
  • Seal in moisture
  • Enjoy that silk press during the fall/winter months or in cooler temperatures

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