Scalp Massage

Scalp Massages

I normally do scalp massages as much as I can especially during the fall/winter because of all the protective styling. During the summer/spring months, I wear my hair out most of the time so scalp massages normally cause build up due to the heat. I take an oil like castor oil, olive oil or jojoba oil and add about two to three drops of peppermint oil. Then I massage it throughout my scalp enjoying the tingling sensation which lets me know I am stimulating blood to the surface which is good for my hair. This could be a task for your spouse, because we all know there is nothing like someone else giving you a scalp massage, that blood really begins to flow. Please research the benefits from scalp massages. I experimented with scalp massages and sleeping with a shower cap for about three months; I gained more length during this time.

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