Hair Regimen

Hair Regimen

- Pre-poo and detangle before every shampoo
- Shampoo ( every 3-4wks)
- Co-wash (once or twice a week to every other day in the Summer) – See details 
            for Summer/Spring regimens
- Deep condition (every week)
- Protein Treatment (every two weeks or as need, definitely after protective styles
- Leave in conditioner and sealants after every wash
- Moisturize daily if needed
- I always air dry my hair in six sections
- No heat to stretch my hair I break the six sections into twelve then use the
threading method to stretch my hair
- Silk press every other year, I am not consist with this; think I’ve pressed it four
times since being on my natural journey.
- Protective styles every other month, one month of styling my hair (twistout,
braidouts or rollersets) and one month of no styling, normally mini twist.
- While my hair is in a protective style, my regimen is the same
- Trim hair (if needed)

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