High-Manipulation Styles

High manipulation styles are styles that require heat and added tension to achieve a style. This seems to be a topic that has been a debate since I begin my journey, so this is my opinion I believe getting your natural hair flat ironed, silk press is a high manipulation style; you actually have to apply higher temperatures of heat to achieve the style.  Although once achieved and your hair is in a straighter state it can be left alone for a couple weeks, but still in my opinion not a protective style due to the high manipulation that was used to achieve the style. I don’t have as much knowledge because I don’t press my hair often, but I know you normally have to blow dry your hair and then apply heat with a flat iron at a higher heat setting to get those tresses to lay down. I think any style that you are more prone to damage is a high manipulation style; yes there are several ways to avoid damage when achieving these types of style. Please do your research on how to avoid heat damage, this is every naturals fear” getting heat damage “always a sigh of relief after that silk press is getting old and time for a wash and the water hits your tresses and they begin to curl back up. I don’t know about you but I love watching my tresses curl back up before my eyes after being flat ironed.

Here are few hairstyles that required a little more work to achieve:

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